Division on Visual Impairments agrees unanimously to change its name, pending Council for Exceptional Children approval

Date Posted: 04/29/2014

At the recent Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) international meeting—which took place April 9–12, 2014, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania—the CEC Division on Visual Impairments (DVI) unanimously voted to change its name to the Division on Visual Impairments and Deafblindness. Now that the amendment has passed, DVI plans to approach the Division Board of CEC in July 2014 and request their formal support for the new name. It is anticipated that the new name will be adopted and formalized by January 2015. According to Amy Parker, chair of DVI's ad hoc Deafblind Committee,

DVI has long been supportive of professionals in the field of deafblindness. . . . [and it] recognize[s] the unique educational needs of students who are deafblind. This name change is important for the field of deafblindness because of the role that CEC plays in defining standards, supporting professional development, and research in special education. . . . This representation is especially vital for low-incidence disabilities in the larger structure of CEC. It is also important to know that . . . the Office of Special Education Programs has a close partnership with CEC leaders and often looks to the CEC for advice and input.

The Deafblind Committee was fully supported by DVI's past president, Derrick Smith; current president, Diane Pevsner; and president-elect, Tiffany Wild to pursue the amendment to change the division's name and to engage in a strategic plan to reach out to professionals and paraprofessionals who serve students who are deafblind. In addition to Dr. Parker, who hails from the National Center on Deaf-Blindness, Western Oregon University, the DVI Deafblind Committee includes: Leslie Buchanan, Utah School for the Deaf and Blind; Nicole Johnson, Kutztown University; Tracy Luiselli, New England Consortium of Deaf-Blind Projects; Linda McDowell, University of Southern Mississippi; Cyral Miller, Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired; Chris Montgomery, Texas Deafblind Outreach Project; Christina Reagle, Teaching Research Institute, Helen Keller Fellows, Western Oregon University; Ella Taylor, Teaching Research Institute, Western Oregon University; and Alana Zambone, East Carolina University. For more information, contact: Amy Parker, chair, Deafblind Committee, DVI, CEC; e-mail: parkera@wou.edu; website: http://community.cec.sped.org/DVI/home.

Contact: Amy Parker, chair, Deafblind Committee

Email: parkera@wou.edu

URL: http://community.cec.sped.org/DVI/home

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