Level Up Program

Date Posted: 11/01/2017

Envision's Level Up Program is tailored for students with visual impairments who want to succeed in academics, explore assistive technology, enhance their interpersonal skills and prepare for their entry into the workforce. Previously known as the Envision Assistive Technology Camp, this year Envision adopted its new name. By using the words “Level Up,” Envision hopes to encourage young people in the program to be in a constant state of growth – to always be looking for ways to excel and advance their goals. The Middle School Level Up Assistive Technology Program is held in early summer with the High School Level Up Conference held several weeks later. Sessions range from art, music and STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) to interpersonal and self-advocacy skills and career planning. Launched 12 years ago, Level Up has grown each year and served hundreds of students from around the country who were nominated by their school districts’ Teachers of the Visually Impaired to attend. This year’s syllabus expanded like never before, and participants can look forward to even more additions in the future. The Level Up Program is led by Support Services Director Bonnie Cochran. To learn more about Level Up and ways to get involved, contact Bonnie at 316-440-1510 or bonnie.chochran@envisionus.com.

Contact: Bonnie Cochran

Phone: (316) 440-1510

Email: bonnie.cochran@envisionus.com

URL: https://www.envisionus.com/Blog/August-2017/Level-

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