low vision Access Technology instructor - Philadelphia Pa area

Organization: Virtual Vision Technologies

Posted: 1/23/2017

This instructor role interacts with students, as well as any support staff related to their training, including: VR counsilors, corporate trainers, supervisors, HR Personnel, as well as IT specialists. Good written and oral communication skills are important for the purpose of lesson and report writing, content and documentation delivery, Good independent travel skills are also required.

1. Facilitate/deliver VVT training Programs and Courses (AT with Windows, MS Office, Internet, and other applications
2. Offers these training delivery methods within VVT facilities or at client sites:
a. One-on-one Training
b. Small Group Training
c. Small and large group presentations
d. Remote training delivered via telephone and JAWS Tandem when appropriate
e. Remote training delivered on-location including short and long durations.
3. Prepare timely written reports for all training and assessment assignments
4. Ability to work independently and as part of a focused team
5. Perform basic User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
8. Conduct assessment for AT skills / job readiness / competitive performance
9. Maintains a current, mastery-level competency skill set with screen magnification software and hardware, as well as contemporary training strategies, and presenting & communication techniques

Certification Requirements
• College or other professional Board Certification in a relative specialty preferable

Educational requirements and minimum years of full-time experience:
• Minimum 2 years full time AT user (or AT training experience)
• Associates degree or equivalent + 3 years training experience
• Bachelor’s degree* + 2 years training experience
• Master’s degree* + 1 years training experience
• Ph.D.* + 1 years training experience
* Degrees verified from Accredited institutions with relevant major (special education,rehabilitation and / or educational degrees.

Contact: Angie Staudt

Phone: (610) 622-1148 ext. 2

Email: angie@virtualvisiontech.com

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