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Adopting a 2 yr old with cataracts Help

We are adopting a 2yr old with conginital cataracts. Has anyone had any experience with this? We have heard so many different things about it I don't know what to expect. Some say it is a non-issue, surgery and glasses, done. Others say she may never be able to see. Help

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Re:Adopting a 2 yr old with cataracts Help

The main issue is when the cataracts developed. I was told that the longer we left the cataracts on my daughters eyes the less likely she would be to ever have full vision. My daughters developed at the age of three months and within two days of her diagnosis she was in surgery to have them removed.

Re:Adopting a 2 yr old with cataracts Help

We just got diagnosed in October (my daughter turned 4 in Nov) with cataracts and so far her cataracts are small and don't require operation at this point. There are so many sizes/types/locations/opacities of cataracts. There are a lot of places online that will scare the pants off of you on this topic. I was terrified before our eval at children's hospital. The opthamologist and surgeon she will someday have both saw her, were wonderful with her, and really explained what we're looking at with her. That would be my advice: get a great doctor and surgeon opinion. If you're near Arkansas, I would highly recommend Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock.

Re:Adopting a 2 yr old with cataracts Help

It really depends on the size of the Cataract an if it is growing or not. My 2 year old was born with congenital cataratcs and has not had to have surgery yet because the cataracts are small and have not grown and therefore are not affecting her eye sight. I was also born with congenital cataratcs and had them removed at 3 weeks old due to the size and growth of really it just depends on the child...each case is different!! Congrats on the adoption!!!

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