Transition to Independence

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As a child with a visual impairment, your son will have opportunities to participate in summer and weekend programs for youths with visual impairments. These opportunities enable him to work towards greater independence. Before you know it, middle school or junior high school will be on the horizon for your child. The demands of school are changing and you'll want to make sure your son's ready to move from grade school into these higher grades. Although grade schoolers who are sighted are not learning to drive automobiles, many of them have pedal-powered vehicles, go-carts, and mechanized scooters. They are starting to think about driving cars and trucks and you need to help prepare your son for what it's going to be like for him as a nondriver or a low vision driver. Even at this young age there are things your family can do to support him in beginning to learn about how he'll travel as an older student and young adult.

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