Bringing the Expanded Core Curriculum Into Your Holidays with Your Blind or Visually Impaired Child

By Emily Coleman

The Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) is specific to children with visual impairments, and further explanation can be found by reading The Expanded Core Curriculum for Students Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired. The ECC covers nine areas of instruction needed for a child with a visual impairment so he can access the world just like his peers without vision loss.

In honor of this holiday season, we present the "9 Days of Holiday with the Expanded Core Curriculum." It's a twist on the "12 Days of Christmas" that would only make sense to educators in the field of visual impairment (like myself) and parents of children who are blind or visually impaired (also, like myself). So, enjoy this series and share your own experiences by commenting how you incorporate the expanded core curriculum into the holidays.

"The 9 Days of Holiday with the ECC" Series

  1. Orientation and Mobility
  2. Social Interaction Skills
  3. Compensatory or Functional Academic Skills
  4. Independent Living Skills
  5. Recreation and Leisure Skills
  6. Career Education
  7. Technology Skills
  8. Sensory Efficiency Skills
  9. Self-Determination

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