What Are the Benefits of a Parent/Professional Collaboration on Assistive Technology Skills?

Cecilia Robinson Listen to Cecilia Robinson's advice about the the benefits of parent/professional collaboration.


I'm Cecilia Robinson, and I work at Region 4 Education Service Center in Houston, Texas. My job is to provide professional development in assistive technology and visual impairments for our teachers and also our assistive technology specialists in the district.

What do you believe are the benefits of parent/professional collaboration related to the expanded core curriculum?

I keep looking at the list of expanded core curriculum and then try to think about the benefits and all, and I kept thinking, going back to helping the students to become more well-adjusted and well-accepted as community members later on in life.

In our field, we tend to look at current needs for assistive technology, however, there is that big piece of how are they going to use this piece of technology to benefit them years from now as well? I know that in our trainings we always tell our teachers to focus in on what the child needs now, but in the area of expanded core curriculum, what we want to see are students with good, competent social skills and also professional skills so they can become good, contributing members of the society, and I have seen over the years that students who are good users of assistive technology tend to have more choices for them as far as careers and higher education opportunities.

So I think for parents, partnering with the schools and also working together as a team will help guide the students in a better direction down the road. And you will see that assistive technology will play a big part in yielding positive results for your child later on.

The other point is the partnership part. Again, parents need to know that they are equal partners in contributing to the child's education, and they are the ones who help the teachers learn more about their child. Actually, they are the best teachers for their child because they have known their child a lot longer than most of the teachers who work with the child. So, try to work together as a team because ultimately, you want the best for your student or for your child.

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