Braille penpals?

Hi All...
I just found this board and thought it might be a good place to post this. I have a sighted 11 year old daughter who fell in love with Braille and sign language a few years ago after reading about Hellen Keller. She writes stories in Braille (with a braille writer now, but at first by making the dots with a pen and then turning the paper over and carefully pushing the pen into the paper) and practices reading for hours at a time and even has a "Braille Club" where she teaches her brother and me all the basics. I think she would love a Braille penpal that is her age. She's homeschooled and a great kid and a fantastic writer/storyteller and I guess I'm looking to expand her interest in Braille, but more importantly to give her the opportunity to share kid experiences with other kids (sighted or not).
Please email me if you are interested.

I apologize is this is not the proper forum for this....

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Re: Braille penpals?

my sister is 16 and is fully blind, she would love a a penpal

Re:Braille penpals?

My daughter is 10 years old and also reads and writes in Braille and loves writing stories. She would love a braille penpal. Let me know if you are still interested.

Re:Braille penpals?

Thanks so much for the info. We are in Northern California. Feel free to email me if your daughter is interested. I'll check out the link you included...sounds like exactly what I was looking for.
Thanks again!

Re:Braille penpals?

My visually impaired daughter is 12 and knows print and Braille. Where are you from? There is HUGE shortage of teachers of the visually impaired and many universities that have grants/scholarship to encourage students to major (The University of Utah) is one such program.
I can run it past my daughter is she is interested in a penpal? I can't speak for her now that she is a pre-teen (smile). There is a pen pal program run by the National Organization of Parents of Blind Children called "slate pals" that may also be an option.

Description: Braille Pen Pal Program: Slate Pals is a free pen-pal program for children aged 6-18 from around the world. Slate Pals enables children who are blind to correspond with one another in Braille. It also finds blind pen pals for sighted children who are interested in learning the Braille code.

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