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  • Parents of Grade Schoolers Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired Forum - 92 subjects
    Connect with other parents of grade schoolers with visual impairments.
  • Parents of Blind Teenagers Forum - 77 subjects
    Connect with other parents of teenagers with visual impairments.
  • Education Forum - 76 subjects
    IFSPs, IEPs, assessments, accommodations—making sure that your child is getting an appropriate education can feel like a full-time job. Find answers, support, and help from other parents here.
  • Technology Forum - 46 subjects
    Having a child with a visual impairment means being introduced to a whole new world of assistive technology. Share your recommendations and experiences here. We are delighted to announce that Neva Fairchild will be monitoring this forum and responding to questions.
  • Orientation and Mobility Forum - 7 subjects
    Learning how to move about in the environment safely and independently is known as orientation and mobility, frequently abbreviated as O&M. If you have questions about when (or whether) your child should get a white cane or a dog guide, or start practicing using public transportation, ask them here!
  • Parenting a Blind Child: Birth to Age Six - 103 subjects
    Parenting a Blind Child: Birth to Age Six
  • Questions About Parenting a Blind Child - 718 subjects
    Miscellaneous topics relating to parenting a child with a visual impairment, no matter what their particular eye condition might be.