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Welcome to My FamilyConnect! Here are some of the great features that you can access by joining our extensive network of friends, family, and professionals.

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Now that you have joined FamilyConnect, you can choose how frequently you would like to receive e-mail alerts - daily, weekly, or monthly - and select interest categories so that we will only send you information you find interesting. Edit your profile at any time to change your preferences.

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Now that you have joined FamilyConnect, check your profile and especially the Recommended Friends page. You'll find other parents who live in your state, or have children with the same eye condition, and roughly the same age.

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Your direct connection to your extended network of friends! Whether you are the parent (or grandparent) of an infant or a teenager, the message boards are here to serve you. You can participate in discussions already in progress, or start a topic of your own. Visit the FamilyConnect message boards today!

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From here, you can change your user name, password, e-mail address, and other personal information. Update your profile.

FamilyConnect Blogs

FamilyConnect hosts a variety of blogs written by parents who are raising children who are blind or visually impaired comments. We welcome your comments, as well as guest posts! If you'd like to write for FamilyConnect, just drop us a line at to let us know.

Change Colors & More

You can change the colors on our site, increase the text size, and even change the font to something you find more readable. Screen reader users can move repetitive links out of their way, by pushing the navigation bar to the bottom of the page. Visit the Change Colors & More page to set your personal preferences.

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